Midstream and Pipelines


Our stewardship services in consortia include from the installation of pipelines up to,  complex structures for delivery worldwide. We are able to handle multiple, fast-track projects for conventional shallow water structures, deep water floating platforms and subsea facilities and onshore modules.

Subsea and above-surface installations, our ability to mobilize vessels safely optimizes productivity and mitigates risks across operations and projects. 



 Air, Water Quality and Climate Change
 Ambient air impact assessments and monitoring
 Air pollution dispersion modeling
 Carbon footprinting
 Carbon management and strategy including marginal abatement cost curves
 Emissions trading, carbon credits and carbon liability advisory services
 Emissions inventories
 Energy and resource mapping and efficiency
 Emissions measurement, 
 Climate change risk, adaptation, mitigation strategy and implementation
 Air pollution control technology assessment design/build turnkey solutions
 Catastrophic release modeling and upset assessment
 Facility licensing and siting
 Emissions trading support and strategy
 Hazardous air pollutant compliance programs
 Litigation support



 Risk managemet independent assesments

 Project risk and safety support, including decision support
 Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA)
 Drilling/SIMOPs Risk Assessment
 Process Safety Management
 Offshore Safety Cases,
 HSE Impact Assessments (HSEIAs)
 Bridging Documents
 Formal Safety Assessments
 Safety Culture Diagnostic and Implementation of Improvement Measures
 HSE Management Systems
 Human Factors Assessment
 Consequence Modeling and Analyses
 SIL, LOPA, FMEA Studies
 Bow-tie Analyses, Safety Critical Elements Identification and Performance Standards
 Emergency Response Assessments and Planning
 Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Studies
 Corporate Risk Profiling
 Enterprise Risk Management
 Risk Software Development
Fire & Gas (F&G) mapping